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 Minicraft Map FREE!! Search for the Skyheart v1.0 DOWNLOAD

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PostSubject: Minicraft Map FREE!! Search for the Skyheart v1.0 DOWNLOAD   Mon 16 Sep - 16:11

Minicraft Map FREE!! Search for the Skyheart v1.0 DOWNLOAD

Come, awake from your crashed ship in Windhaven, home to Captain Alysia and her cunning rogues. Test your mental acuity and physical dexterity, with challenges of skill and wit alike, against the strongholds of this floating archipelago. There are many surprises, mysteries, and tales to be found here, but it will take a keen mind to discern the truth. So, come, and journey into Search for the Skyheart!

To enjoy this map as it was intended, it is suggested to do the following:
Refrain from breaking or placing blocks,
Play on normal or (preferably) far distance,
Set the difficulty to normal (Peaceful may prevent completion),
Use a fun resource pack!

Map features and challenges:
Simply completing this map is a challenge, not because of tiresome grinding or endless battles,
but because it requires a fair level of observation, the ability to problem solve, and
about 2-4 hours of free time. If you do not meet these requisites, then
you may not enjoy this adventure, and I wish you well on your
travels. However, for the intrepid explorer, this map offers:

An original algorithmically generated skyscape,
Challenging puzzles which require logic, not guesswork,
Engaging skill-based activities, and no parkour!
A full story presented from multiple perspectives,
Sounds and music, and collectible records, and
An Adventure!

DOWNLOAD: adf.ly/Vpnl9

1. Wait 5 second
2. Click SKIP AD
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Minicraft Map FREE!! Search for the Skyheart v1.0 DOWNLOAD
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